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Other Coaching

Other Coaching

One To One
$1640+/ month
  • Increase your knowledge of dropshipping
  • Encouragement to complete investment
  • Professionalism in building an online store
  • Financial environment for dropshipping
  • Learn self growth
  • Setting a new goal and a new strategic plan
  • Professionalism based on information
  • Create and configure a Shopify store
  • Helping you organize your next income
  • Support from Saif after the training period
  • List of the best influencers dealt with
  • List of the best suppliers
  • Complete guidance in withdrawing and managing money in the Arab world
  • Communicate with Safe Suppliers
  • Learn to create content the way 2021

Coaching With Ecomblacker

One-to-one Coaching

You will have to spend many years and go through many problems that will sharpen your dropshipping skills, but that will cost you thousands or hundreds of thousands of pounds, and you are still at the beginning of your way, so we created the training one to one, to help you overall obstacles by transferring all my experiences and methods Teaching you how to run your business properly will avoid losing money

Week One

in the first week, we will make two calls to make you ready for this business.

first, call

– prepare your day for dropshipping

– show previous experiences

– planning your dropshipping trip

second call

– how to search for

– how to choose a product

Week Two

in week two, we will make two calls for talking more about a product

third call

– perform a product search through safe

fourth call

– products review

Week three

in week three, we will make two calls to start to create your branding store

fifth call

– open a Shopify account

– setting site settings

– tips when preparing for the site

sixth call

– website review

– creating social media content

Week four

in week four, we will make two calls for talking about influencers and deals.

seventh call

– website development completed

– the beginning of e-marketing with influencers

eighth call

– negotiation skills with influencers

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