How to pay for the course

450$ 500$

You can transfer the course amount through the following methods



Vodafone Cash

(The conversion is done at the daily exchange rate)

Transfer Wise

Account Holder:
Seifeldin mahmoud refaat
Wire routing number:
Account number

Bank Misr

Account no:
seifldin mahmoud refaat
Phone no:
(The conversion is done at the daily exchange rate)

Wire Transfer

Bank name:
First Century Bank
Routing (ABA):
Account number:
Account type:
Beneficiary name:
Seif mahmoud

Western Union

seifldin mahmoud refaat mohamed
(Note: Please add 3.3% of the service cost)

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible for the course to teach me how strip works from any Arab country?
minute 00:11
The answer is accurate 00:18

Is it possible if I am in Libya, Iran or Iraq to work with Stripe?
minute 00:40
The answer is accurate 00:49

How do I receive my money in the Arab world?
minute 00:53
The answer is accurate 00:56

Stripe takes how long to transfer money to the bank outside the Arab world?
Minute 01:23
The answer is accurate 01:29

What do I do if I don’t have a bank?
Minute 01:37
The answer is accurate 1:40

What do I do if I am banned from Stripe?
Minute 02:16
The answer is accurate 02:19

Does the course have instructions to protect from account closure?
Minute 02:34
The answer is accurate 02:39

Is there a possibility of closing the strip account?
Minute 02:46
The answer is accurate 020:48

Can the problem be solved by establishing a company in America or Britain?
Minute 03:21
The answer is accurate 03:28

Can I link my strip account to more than one store or business?
Minute 03:47
The answer is accurate 03:50

Is it possible to keep a discount on the strip?
Minute 04:39
The answer is accurate 04:42

Are there facilities in paying the course?
Minute 04:54
The answer is at 05:00

Is there a possibility of refunding money after purchasing the course?
Minute 05:28
The answer is accurate 05:33

Is it possible to use the same course to open PayPal or any other payment gateways?
Minute 05:39
The answer is accurate 05:42

Is there support for those who participate in the course?
Minute 05:58
The answer is at 06:00